About the Artist

ManneikinWooden HandChokwe MaskThe-Artist-Solarized  Artist At The Edge Of Desolation


I am T3r3nz!… and I have enjoyed an amazing life journey.

From this…                                                     to this…                                                                and beyond….

Nechells_PlaceSaltley (1968)     GGHNP vista     clouds


“Modern Art” is my thing. I enjoy this the most as I realise that it is creativity at its best. What is brought to light may never have existed before and may never exist again.

I also know that non-representational (non-objective) art actually scares people and that if I am ever asked to explain one of my pieces then that is the end of our conversation.

I don’t think that I am wrong but I believe that one of the main reasons for our existence is to CREATE. It is sad that we also live in a world of destruction.

..See No Evil, Speak No evil, Hear No Evil ...