Ars Longa, Vita Brevis – in Search of Immortality

Plain near Auvers, van Gogh

Neue Pinakothek (26-03-2012)

No-one tells us, with any great authority, why we are here and what the true purpose of life is. We just knuckle down (like good apes), and get on with things allowing the more prosaic aspects of our existence to provide distraction and to get the better of us.

Before we know it the Golden Years beckon and, beyond that, well another mystery awaits. It is round about this time that time is allowed to look back in time and questions are asked. Have there been achievements, accomplishments, adventures and accolades to recall? What will be left behind to mark our passing?

This particular aspect of the human condition – the knowledge of one’s own mortality can sit uneasily in the subconscious mind and for many becomes the ultimate fear of loss. So, to offer up some resistance to this inevitability we rise to the challenge and turn to our greatest gift – we create.

If it is art, true art, then it will live forever and the artist will not be forgotten.

I don’t think it ends there as not everyone gets to develop their skills and talents the way they should; so, they do the next best thing – they watch, observe, read and listen (to) art. This is the pathway to what has gone before and (if classical) what will go ahead.

This is Immortality for humans.

22 August 2017

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