Froh, wie seine Sonnen fliegen

Well done to my dear freund Dieter Krug! He bought one of my latest works (above): “Worlds of If ...”

We met early this week for a quick chat over coffee and concluded a transaction that was much to our mutual satisfaction.

This work has an astronomical (astrological maybe?) theme – no doubt subconsciously influenced by the many science documentaries that I have enjoyed watching on TV.

With respect to this piece I am moved to quote an extract from “Ode to Joy” by Schiller (also incorporated into the Chorale Finale of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony):

Gladly, just as His suns hurtle

through the glorious universe

So you, brothers, should run your course,

joyfully, like a conquering hero.

I wish you all well until the next time and implore you (as spoken at the end of corny 50’s vintage sci-fi movies):

“Look to the Skies..!!!.”


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